Upcycling and Containers

Upcycling and Containers Workshop


August 28, 2023, 7-8:00 pm EDT on Zoom

Upcycling and Containers: This is going to be an interactive workshop. We all have items in our homes that we can upcycle into other uses to help organize our space. I will be sharing a bunch of my upcycling tips and how to organize your space for free or cheaper than those expensive containers. I will also show you some different containers you can choose that are a bit pricier if that is your choice.

I will have a guest speaker, my friend, Nicole Ensmenger, Owner /Operator of Tinker’N, a Creative Reuse & Wellness business. She will make us all think outside the box when it comes to items we want to get rid of or upcycle in our homes.

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