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July 17 · Donna  is delightful to work with and a lifesaver--SO organized and ready with  a plan of action. She offered great direction and was certainly a  time-saver.  BUT, what I didn't expect were the emotions attached to  letting go. Thankfully, there was Donna, gently and patiently, guiding  me in my decisions about what stayed, what was let go and what belonged  somewhere else. Now I call on Donna for all my organizing chores. Donna  not only saved me a great deal of time, I couldn't have done it without  her. I highly recommend Donna's A Place For Everything. 



July 20 · Donna  is wonderful to work with. She also often looks for things you have  around the house that you can re-purpose to help you get organized. (This  to me is awesome because she's not suggesting you need to go buy super  expensive organizational items).   To this day I still follow Donna's  tips to stay organized.  I can't recommend her enough! 

Mark and Jacqui's


January 1

 I just wanted to say that you are the hardest worker I have ever met !

You helped My husband and I organize the house in the spring so we could put our home on the market.  There was a bunch of stuff after 25 years in the same home but you just dug in and got it looking beautiful in no time.   Also you helped us stage the home for the sell.  It took less than 60 days in an over saturated market to sell.

Then again we hired you to help us pack and get ready for the move. Once again the hardest worker I have ever seen by just starting and getting us boxed up to go to our new home.  You did an awesome job.   

We arrived after to our new home and when we started unpacking, did we ever want Donna here to help us unpack and organize but we were three hours away and we had to do it by ourselves.   Nothing was broke and everything was marked so we knew what room the boxes belonged.  It made unpacking easier but we definitely missed our Donna.

Donna is so easy to work with and very dependable.  Not only did we find the best organizer but we made a really good friend for life

My husband and I both highly recommend her and the business.  We would hire her all over again.  We do hope in the future she gets to come and visit us.  We might even have to put her to work to help us organize us again.  Lol

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Mark and Jacqui Miles



Sept. 19· I  work— 5 stared with Donna to get a handle on some areas of my home that needed  to be de-cluttered and organized. She was great walking me through the  emotional and physical roadblock these rooms had become in my life. She  listens really well.  I can enjoy my home and my spaces again. I  actually will be having her back because it just so much easier and  less stress with her by my side. Thank you. 



Sept. 20· As  a perennial clutter bug who finds sentiment and nostalgia almost  everywhere, I truly valued Donna's assistance on the path to serene,  organized living. The multi-generational home of my childhood included  immigrant grandparents who fled poverty and hunger, a WWI veteran, and  Depression-era parents. Yes, I'm that person at the yard sale or thrift  store, wistfully gazing at sepia or black and white photos of strangers,  unable to fathom how a family let such treasures slip into abandonment.   I've had help paring down possessions before, but never as successfully  or as painlessly as with Donna's calm, encouraging guidance. Her  analytical and practical skills are on point, but it is her calm,  supportive demeanor that made all the difference for me. Perhaps it's a  combination of her personality and her life experience as an early  childhood educator, but her approach was gentle yet firm, and completely  non-judgmental. Her questions helped me think about why I was holding  on to certain things, and helped me easily make my own decisions about  what to let go. We moved at a fairly good clip, but I didn't feel  pressured or panicked, and when there were things I got "stuck" on she  suggested I set them aside to decide on at a later time. And yes, you  can buy things to help stay organized, but Donna has a knack for finding  and re-purposing things already in your home that will do the job just  as well.  When she first  helped me two years ago, organizing was something she did part-time. I  am thrilled to see her "retire" and use her natural talent for  organizing into a business that brings her joy while helping others! 



May 2

Prior  to being home with our newborn baby, my husband and I worked long  hours. Our house was clean, but the clutter was getting out of hand. I  felt helpless being home with the new little one and feeling frustrated  because I wanted to spend all my time with her, not getting the house in  order! Something had to be done. I was referred to Donna by a friend of  mine and the transition began!

We started with my closet, and went on through the rest of the house. The interaction and  process was not what I expected. I thought it would be overwhelming and  frustrating, but instead it was like a weight being lifted as  everything found a place. 

 Soon after we finished the entire house, my husband and I purchased a  new home. We needed someone to help us pack and keep that process simple  and stress free. Donna helped pack everything with care and labeled  each box for the new home so we knew what it was and where it was going.  She was present on moving day, all day to keep things running smoothly  and helped us to unpack and reorganize everything into our new home. 

 One thing that I personally found extremely helpful was that Donna kept  a list of reminders such as items to purchase or replace. 

I  Highly recommend Donna to anyone looking to organize/de-clutter. She  knows how to keep you focused and works efficiently and effectively. 





March 10

Donna  has been helping me organize my attic, and the 40 years worth of  pictures and memorabilia, and 'stuff', that was up there.  Like my fairy  godmother waved her magic wand, it is now all organized, sorted for the  generations lol, valuables put where valuables belong, garbage out the  door, donations to the thrift shop.  I've got clear space!  And my  healing and meditation room back!  Thank you Donna!  See you soon for  the next project lol!



I want to share a very special person with you all.  Her name is Donna L. Dunn and the name of her business is “Donna’s A Place For Everything”.  610-360-0524.  

Donna is amazing and a saving grace for my elderly clients, attempting to sell their home, with abundance of “treasures”, and in great need of help.  Donna totally prepared the home for sale,  in record time, packed boxes to store, moved furniture, carted things to the trash etc. etc. etc.  Due to Donna’s great help, we found a buyer quickly.  Donna jumped right back in and packed all of their belongings to be moved - except for the furniture.  She is so talented, organized, and most of all compassionate with “nary a bad day”. She made what I thought was the impossible not only possible but pleasant for us all.  

I recommend Donna so highly and just hope she is around whenever I have to move!!!!

Holly Suminski <>
Date: Sun, Sep 2, 2018, 3:43 PM
Subject: [All Turpin] Recommendation - Donna’s A Place For Everything


  Donna's A Place For Everything5 star

August 24 

She  was stern enough to not let me slack off with my task, but she was also  lenient and flexible enough to work with my schedule, including some  socializing time. She was part coach and part helper with our  organizing. She was able to see my place with fresh eyes. Where I saw  "there's no space for it" she was able to completely remap my layout so  there was. She always made sure that her changes would work for me and  my husband; that it would be functional enough for us to stick  with her plan. She did a mini-interview to see what purpose we had for  each bit of each room; to best know how to fulfill that functionality of  the room. I think the most help, however, was how she got us to think,  really think, about what we had and the space we had to put it in. We  didn't get rid of a lot of stuff, but we did pack away a lot that we  thought we'd use, but haven't. We also gave up a fair amount of stuff  that we realized we'd never use again, despite how much we wanted to  hold on to the thought that we would.
In the past, whenever I would  do a top-to-bottom cleaning of my apartment, it would look lovely for  about four-days tops. It has been over a week since our transformation,  and it still looks how she left it. This is a HUGE starting point for  us. It proves that her methods work. It proves that we CAN keep this  place tidy; we just didn't know how before.