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July 17 · Donna  is delightful to work with and a lifesaver--SO organized and ready with  a plan of action. She offered great direction and was certainly a  time-saver.  BUT, what I didn't expect were the emotions attached to  letting go. Thankfully, there was Donna, gently and patiently, guiding  me in my decisions about what stayed, what was let go and what belonged  somewhere else. Now I call on Donna for all my organizing chores. Donna  not only saved me a great deal of time, I couldn't have done it without  her. I highly recommend Donna's A Place For Everything. 



July 20 · Donna  is wonderful to work with. She also often looks for things you have  around the house that you can repurpose to help you get organized. (This  to me is awesome because she's not suggesting you need to go buy super  expensive organizational items).   To this day I still follow Donna's  tips to stay organized.  I can't recommend her enough! 



July 30  · Donna  was a very easy person to work with. She comes to your home with a plan  already in place and is very efficient. She works hard to make your  home look the best that it can and she gives great tips for you to keep  it looking that way. I would definitely recommend her for all organizing  projects!! 


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 Donna's A Place For Everything — 5 star

Sept. 19· I  worked with Donna to get a handle on some areas of my home that needed  to be de-cluttered and organized. She was great walking me through the  emotional and physical roadblock these rooms had become in my life. She  listens really well.  I can enjoy my home and my spaces again. I  actually will be having her back because it just so much easier and  less stress with her by my side. Thank you. 



Sept. 2017· As  a perennial clutter bug who finds sentiment and nostalgia almost  everywhere, I truly valued Donna's assistance on the path to serene,  organized living. The multi-generational home of my childhood included  immigrant grandparents who fled poverty and hunger, a WWI veteran, and  Depression-era parents. Yes, I'm that person at the yard sale or thrift  store, wistfully gazing at sepia or black and white photos of strangers,  unable to fathom how a family let such treasures slip into abandonment.   I've had help paring down possessions before, but never as successfully  or as painlessly as with Donna's calm, encouraging guidance. Her  analytical and practical skills are on point, but it is her calm,  supportive demeanor that made all the difference for me. Perhaps it's a  combination of her personality and her life experience as an early  childhood educator, but her approach was gentle yet firm, and completely  non-judgmental. Her questions helped me think about why I was holding  on to certain things, and helped me easily make my own decisions about  what to let go. We moved at a fairly good clip, but I didn't feel  pressured or panicked, and when there were things I got "stuck" on she  suggested I set them aside to decide on at a later time. And yes, you  can buy things to help stay organized, but Donna has a knack for finding  and re-purposing things already in your home that will do the job just  as well.  When she first  helped me two years ago, organizing was something she did part-time. I  am thrilled to see her "retire" and use her natural talent for  organizing into a business that brings her joy while helping others!