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Donna's A Place For Everything is a service that will help to de-clutter and organize your "things". I know that making these changes can be emotional and hard, but I am right there with you during the process, listening and talking it through. This is a low pressure BUT keep you on task approach. Most times there is no need to spend extra money to help organize. You often have pieces in our home ready to be reused for another purpose.

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For peace of mind, it's de-clutter time!

"Help me get organized!"

It will take communication, willingness to let things go, and my helping hands, but if you are willing, I can help.

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There really is A Place For Everything. Let me help you find it. No matter your lifestyle, there is a way that everyone can be organized.

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Distance is no issue here if you have internet, a portable device with a camera or web cam and a microphone, and the willpower to want to make a change. Let’s go virtual together and find that peace and serenity you have been searching for in your space.

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Planning a move or just downsizing? I can help you through those tough choices. I can even  help you pack for the move and then unpack you at the new place.

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Whether you are moving or just thinking about downsizing I can help you! I will talk you through the process and physically help you pack the items. I will be there the day the movers come and help you through the process. After moving I can also unpack you into your new space.

My fees are lower than most so that I can help those in need without breaking the bank. As a widow since 1998, who had to raise kids on my own, I understand the need to make your money stretch.

Donna's A Place For Everything can be the first steps to getting your life in order. It will be my pleasure to take you through the steps and help you lighten your life.

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