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For peace of mind, it's de-clutter time!


"Help me get organized!"
It will take communication, willingness to let things go, and my helping hands, but if you are willing, I can help.

You can get organized


There really is A Place For Everything. 

Let me help you find it.
No matter your lifestyle, there is a way that everyone can be organized.

Downsizing / Moving


Planning a move or just downsizing?

I can help you through those tough choices.

I can even  help you pack for the move and then unpack you at the new place.


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 Donna's  A Place For Everything  is a service that will help to de-clutter and organize your "things".  I know that making these changes can be emotional  and hard, but I am right there with you during the process listening  and talking it through. This is a low pressure BUT keep you on task  approach.  Most times there is no need to spend extra money to help organize.  You often have pieces in our home ready to be reused for another purpose.

 Whether you are moving or just thinking about downsizing I can help you! I will talk you through the process and physically help you pack the items. I will be there the day the movers come and help you through the process. After moving I can also unpack you into your new space.

 My fees are lower than most so that I can help those in need  without breaking the bank. As a widow for over twenty-one years, who had to raise kids on my own, I understand the need to make your money stretch.

 Donna's A Place For Everything  can be the first steps to getting your  life in order. It will be my pleasure to take you through the steps and  help you lighten your life.



I have some tips on how to get organized, untangle things, re-purposing / up cycling items, and other helpful hints.  

Check out my Frustrated Friday Tips every Friday 

on my Facebook page.

Every Tuesday, Words of Inspiration will also be posted on my Facebook page.





August 24 at 7:51am · She  was stern enough to not let me slack off with my task, but she was also lenient and flexible enough to work with my schedule, including some socializing time. She was part coach and part helper with our organizing. She was able to see my place with fresh eyes. Where I saw  "there's no space for it" she was able to completely remap my layout so there was. She always made sure that her changes would work for me and  my husband; that it would be functional enough for us to stick  with her plan. She did a mini-interview to see what purpose we had for  each bit of each room; to best know how to fulfill that functionality of the room. I think the most help, however, was how she got us to think, really think, about what we had and the space we had to put it in. We  didn't get rid of a lot of stuff, but we did pack away a lot that we  thought we'd use, but haven't. We also gave up a fair amount of stuff  that we realized we'd never use again, despite how much we wanted to  hold on to the thought that we would.
In the past, whenever I would  do a top-to-bottom cleaning of my apartment, it would look lovely for about four-days tops. It has been over a week since our transformation,  and it still looks how she left it. This is a HUGE starting point for  us. It proves that her methods work. It proves that we CAN keep this  place tidy; we just didn't know how before. 



How do we decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

I will have bins for us to separate items into, labeled  keep, trash, donate, and not sure. We will talk about the items that you are not sure about to help you through the process.

What do we do with the things we don't want?

I have list of places to donate your items if they are in good condition. You can also do a garage/yard sale if you prefer. Plus there is always selling items on the on-line sites.

What is the best way to clean a closet?

I find that emptying the whole closet out and starting from scratch works best.

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